Why my Epson printer is in an error state?

Are you facing Epson printer error state issue with your printer? Do you want to get rid of this issue? Well, before you start your hunt to correct the error state issue, we advise you to know about the certain reasons that are causing it. There is not a fixed issue because of which your printer is facing error state problem. There are so many issues and anyone of them can be detected as the real culprit.

Epson printer is an error state mostly occurs when there is problem in the printer itself. The issue may also come when your printer is not connected properly with the internet, paper is jammed or so on. Below is the list of almost all the possible reason for printer error state issue.

Let us tell you about some causes of Epson printer error state:

  1. Loose wire connection
  2. Low-speed internet
  3. Paper Jam
  4. Outdated Printer Driver
  5. Improper Port Settings
  6. Printer is off

Whatever be the case, don’t worry as “Epson printer is in an error state” issue will get solved. Hence, check below one of the effective methods to solve the error state issue.

Effective Methods To Solve The Epson Printer In Error State Glitch

Is your computer’s notification window showing error state issue again and again? Then you must be in the need of expert’s helping hand, right? Well, in this case here on the page you will get all information related to Epson printer is in error state, solutions for Epson printer error state, techniques to solve it and so on. After reading the page, you won’t even need to look for a new device which will cost you so much than repair. With the following tips, you can easily solve your printer in error state issue.

Step 1. Check your connections

  1. At first you should check the connections of your printer.
  2. Make sure that you printer is on, or woke up from sleep mode.
  3. Now check the condition of your USB cable which connects your printer with system.
  4. If you found any issue in it, replace it.
  5. Check other wires and reconnect them as well.
  6. Re-start your Epson printer and computer to see if they work properly or not.
  7. Ensure that your printer is connected with Wi-Fi properly, or you can once reconnect it.

Step 2. Update your printer driver

  1. Outdated version may also cause Epson printer is in an error state, so look for updating them.
  2. At first, on your keyboard press Windows Key + R at a time, and type devmgmt.msc on the Run box and hit the enter button.
  3. By this you will land on the Device Manager window, if you find only a single menu and that is related to your system device name, then double click on it to expand the window to see other menu as well.
  4. Now in the Device Manager window select your printer device that has stopped working. Right-click on the printer driver and select, Update Driver Software.
  5. Next you have to select, ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. And if you find any new update then choose it to update your printer’s driver.
  6. This may take your printer out of the Epson printer is in an error state issue.

Step 3. Activate “Use Any Interrupt Assigned to the Port”

  1. First, open your Device Manager window, and tap the Windows button once, this will activate the search menu.
  2. Now type Device Manager and press enter. This will make you land on the Device Manager window.
  3. Next, you have to click twice on the parallel ports to open the Properties window.
  4. Under the Properties window you need to click on Port Settings tab.
  5. Now in this window you can activate, Use Any Interrupt Assigned to the Port, and click OK.

Step 4. Check for Paper Jam

  1. After performing all the above mentioned steps, it is advised to check the printer physically.
  2. See if there is any paper jam inside the ink tray. This can also hamper your printing job.
  3. You can also perform cleaning steps of your printer.
  4. Take a soft cloth and brush and swipe all the dirt away from your printer, ensure that there is no piece of paper is left inside your Epson printer.
  5. After cleaning place the half of the bunch on the paper tray and try to print, to check if the Epson printer is in an error state issue got solved or not.

How Do I Get My Epson Printer Out of Error State?

Be it Epson printer or any other company’s printer, it is a machine and machine can deteriorate anytime. And it is very common. If your printer is showing Error State, don’t worry it is the most common problem that occurs when using the printer.

When your printer is in error state, your computer will show you the notification as “Printer in error state”. So to correct that you can either call the tech support team through 1 (800) 463-7766, toll-free number or you can try to correct the error state of your Epson printer.

To correct error state of the printer:

  1. Switch off your printer and computer, and pull out its plug from the power supply.
  2. Check the printer drivers and if you find any problem in them re-install drivers.
  3. If you don’t know how to reinstall printer drivers, you can call the customer support on 1 (800) 463-7766.
  4. Check whether your paper isn't jammed inside the printer.
  5. You can also try correcting it by restarting your printer.
  6. But if nothing works and still you are facing the same problem, we recommend do make a call to Epson printer support tech support with- 1 (800) 463-7766.

You can contact Epson printer support through this below-mentioned number according to your country:

  1. Users from the U.S.A, call 0871 423 7766
  2. Users from U.K., contact 0343 903 7766
  3. Customers from Canada, contact 1800 425 0011

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