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Epson Printer horizontal lines

How to troubleshoot Epson printer horizontal lines problem?

If you are an Epson printer user, then there are on and off chances that you experience the Epson printer horizontal lines problem with your device. When the issue appears, you see the lines you do not want to see.  When a user sends any printing job to the device, with an error print the lines across the page, and ruin the document. Although, it is a fairly common issue faced by the Epson printer. They can quickly fix it with the help of some simple troubleshooting steps.

In this post, we are sharing some simple instructions that can help you to fix the Epson printer horizontal lines problem with the device.  Keep reading and find more details!



How to troubleshoot Epson printer problem horizontal lines?


There are certain things you need to carefully consider to troubleshoot Epson printer problem horizontal lines  and continue to print the documents:


Incorrect printer settings

Incorrect printer settings can be the reason that you are getting Epson printer horizontal lines problem roller error on your device. To improve the quality of  printing documents, check for the following points:


Paper type

Check the printer paper, it should not be torn or folded.  Good paper quality is important for all good printing quality. You need to check the paper type you are using; it is recommended to use the paper recommended by the manufacturer. Your paper should be dust and moist free.


Print quality

You can choose the print quality settings as normal, draft, and the best. Always prefer to go for the highest possible quality.



Turn off the high speed of the printer, this can help you to avoid Epson printer horizontal lines problem roller error on the device.


Coloured or black and white printing

Select “Color printing” even while printing the black and white documents. In some of the Epson printer models, you may get different black and white &  coloured cartridges. You may need to use the ink from both, even while you are taking the black and white printouts. To troubleshoot the printing line errors appearing on your device, choose the “Color”  option.


Test clean and align

You need to run the printer maintenance for your device. This will help you to test, clean and align the printer periodically to make sure that there is no trouble. If you want to continue with smooth printing operations, take a step forward and run the printer maintenance test.


Read the printer manual

To find a solution, you can read the printer manual and get some helpful tips. The troubleshooting guidelines provided in the manual can help you to smoothly run the printer, and manage its functioning. So refer to the troubleshooting guide present in the Epson printer manual and find easy steps to fix your problem.


Defective printheads

Have you checked the printheads? The dirty print head can be the reason that you are facing trouble with your printing device. So check to print heads, and clean them if necessary.



Still, Epson printer horizontal lines problem or not fixed? Here is what you need to do:


 Below we have shared a checklist that you need to run to make sure that your device is working well:


Run a nozzle check

Check the printer nozzle and make sure that everything is fine. If there is any breakage, run the head cleaning cycles.


Important: You can also use the utility feature of the printer driver in software to fix the issue. Here you need to select the ” nozzle check” feature, and you would be able to see the test patterns printed.  Click on the ” clean” button to initiate the cleaning process on your device. After that, you have to run the nozzle check again to make sure that everything is fine. If you see no missing lines or improper patterns, it means your problem is resolved. Run the test page to make sure its horizontal issue is fixed or not.


Use smooth paper for printing the documents. If you know the check looks fine, you need to check the print settings to fix the issue.


  • If you see all the solid lines, you need to identify how long have been formed. It may depend upon the usage.


Important: a device has multiple level intensity options, use it and check how many breaks you can see. This will let you know how bad the clogging is, you need to proceed next and clean the printhead. The more you clear the clog faster you can fix the issue.


You need to take a printout of the test page to make sure that the error is fixed. Make sure that you use the right profile and media type settings.  Wrong media type settings can also be the reason that you are getting trouble with the device.


If you are using a quality of paper without making changes in the paper settings, you will face the Epson printer horizontal lines problem. This issue can result in poor printing quality due to misaligned printheads. To troubleshoot the issue, you need to fix the bonding problem. Make sure that you choose the appropriate paper to print the documents, and its quality is good.





These are some simple steps that can help you to troubleshoot the Epson printer horizontal lines problem and let you continue printing the quality documents. All the mentioned instructions are simple and easy to follow. But, if you are still having trouble with your printing device and you are unable to print quality documents, contact the Epson printer support team.  The professionals at the support team are highly reliable technicians with years of experience who can help you to fix any printer-related issues in just a few minutes. You can contact the experts by calling the toll-free number or connect through the chat process.  The professionals are available around the clock to serve customers and provide them with support services to deal with common printer errors. They will help you to identify the root cause behind the issue and share the best possible solution to troubleshoot the problem immediately.  So, contact the professionals now and get expert help to mitigate the problem.

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