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7 Ways To Fix Epson Printer Not Copying Issue

Epson printers always provide a quick printing and scanning performance. However, sometimes, you may find that the printer cannot copy documents. This issue is common among older printer models. There can be various causes for the Epson printer not copying. But the great thing is that you can address most of these causes. 

There is a fix for copy problems such as horizontal banding, vertical misalignment, or incorrect colors. In this article, you will first find out the different causes of copying problems in Epson printers and ways to resolve them. 


Why Do Epson Printer Copy Problems Occur?

Copy problems can occur for a variety of reasons. The major ones are listed below.

  • Low ink levels in the printhead – If your ink cartridges are empty or have low ink, the printer will give poor-quality copies. So, if you are a regular printer user, ensure to have enough ink in the cartridges. 
  • Your printer isn’t getting adequate power – Epson printers need adequate power to perform copying tasks well. Insufficient power leads to various issues in printing out copies and paper jams
  • Wrong copy settings – You will find the Epson printer not copying if there’s an error in the copy settings. Larger or smaller copies indicate an issue with the device’s copy configuration.
  • Debris blocking the scanner – An accumulation of debris on the scanner won’t let it print properly. It will result in the printouts having vertical lines. 


Troubleshooting for When Epson Printer Will Not Copy 

If you find that your Epson printer won’t copy, you must modify printer settings. Following are the various resolutions to resolve copying problems. These will also troubleshoot printing issues.

1. Rectify the Paper Size and Type Settings

Ensure that the paper type in the printer matches the paper type setting on your printer driver. It would be best to use a higher-quality setting on the printer’s control panel or the driver.

When you register your paper size and type on the screen that shows when you insert the paper cassette, the Epson printer informs about a difference between the registered information and print settings. It, in turn, prevents paper and ink wastage. This happens because it ensures that you aren’t printing on the incorrect paper size or the wrong color because of settings that don’t align with the paper type.

If the paper type and size displayed vary from the loaded paper, choose the item to change. 

2. Replace Ink Cartridges

Replacing ink cartridges clears clogged printhead nozzles. It allows the ink to not come out smoothly. You can easily learn to replace ink cartridges by choosing ‘How to’ on the message prompting you to replace cartridges.

After that, the animations on the control panel will let you know how to replace ink cartridges. You can also go to ‘Maintenance’ followed by ‘Ink cartridge replacement.’ After that, follow the instructions on the screen.

3. Perform a Printhead Alignment 

Do you find Epson printer copy problems such as blurred images? To align the printhead, follow these points.

  • On the control panel of the printer, choose ‘Settings.’
  • Choose ‘Maintenance’ followed by ‘Print Head Alignment.’
  • Choose one of the menus below.
    1. Ruled Line Alignment’ is for when the printouts are blurry. You can also use it in the case of misaligned vertical lines.
    2. Horizontal Alignment’ is for when horizontal banding happens at specific intervals.
  • After choosing the correct alignment menu, print the alignment pattern through on-screen instructions. 

4. Factory Reset your Epson Printer

If you still find that your Epson printer will not copy, perform a factory reset of the printer

  • Turn off your printing device. 
  • Locate the ‘Reset’ button on your printer. It is present on its back, near the Ethernet port.
  • Hold and press the ‘Reset’ button on the printer for a couple of seconds. 
  • Keep holding this button and turn on your Epson printer.
  • Now, wait till you see the message ‘Epson printer device is resetting.’ Your printer will print this message. 
  • This resolution is useful when your printer is printing copies with large or small printouts. 

5. Wipe the Translucent Film Inside the Printer

If even after following the fixes above, you find the Epson printer not copying, it indicates another issue. Possibly, the translucent film inside your printer is smeared. This affects the printing, copying, and scanning quality. 

Clean this film by following these points.

  • For this process, you will need some cotton swabs, water mixed with three drops of detergent, and a portable light.
  • Turn off your printer by hitting its ‘Power’ button.
  • Next, open the scanner unit.
  • Here you will find the translucent film.
  • Use a light to check if the translucent film has smears on it.
  • Smears mean grease or finger marks.
  • If there are smears, take a cotton swab and dampen it with the liquid.
  • Use it to wipe the smeared part.
  • Do not press too hard on the film or it may get dislocated.
  • Use different cotton swabs to wipe the film.
  • Repeat these steps till the film is clear.

6. Do not use Unavailable Paper Types

Epson printer copy issues can arise if you use certain paper types. Epson does not support the following types of papers that may cause jams or smears on your printouts.

  • Wavy papers 
  • Torn or cut papers
  • Folded papers
  • Damp papers
  • Very thick or thin papers
  • Papers with stickers all over

Apart from paper types, certain kinds of envelopes also lead to copy issues and paper jams. These include the following.

  • Curled or folded envelops
  • Envelops with adhesive surfaces on their flaps
  • Very thin envelopes as these can curl during printing.

7. Clean the Scanner Glass

Epson printer copy problems, such as lines on copied documents, occur when the scanner glass has lines.

  • Take a glass cleaner and a cloth.
  • Dampen the cloth.
  • Open the cover of the scanner glass.
  • Now, wipe the big glass and small glass strip on its side.
  • When it’s dried, close the scanner glass’s cover.


Final Thoughts

Using the correct paper size, checking the ink cartridges, and aligning the printhead are some good resolutions when you find your Epson printer not copying. These measures will improve the printed copies. If you need more assistance, contact printer technical help.

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