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Epson print head alignment

Easy Guide To Troubleshoot Epson printer head alignment not working issues

Nowadays people are getting used to technology. Printers are considered to be one of the best inventions ever made in human history, and presently they have become an important part of work culture. When it comes to the best printing models, Epson is considered to be the best choice for the users. However,  with time, many complexities arise for which the device requires maintenance. Are you having trouble with your Epson print head alignment? This guide will provide you the best solutions to resolve the issue. The print alignment problem can appear anytime in your Epson printer and stop it from printing the documents.


Fortunately, it is simple to troubleshoot issues with some easy guidelines. If it appears as your  Epson printer alignment is not working, and you do not know what should be done, keep reading the post and find the most effective solution. But before we jump to the solution, it is vital to know about the problems that cause the printer alignment error. The alignment issue is quite annoying to troubleshoot.



Your print head alignment may not be working, because of:


  1. Printhead or jammed paper errors.
  2. Printer clogging issues.
  3. Dirt or dust in the print cartridge.
  4. Compromised print cartridge.
  5. Incomplete printing sessions.


Keep these parameters always in mind, if the error already occurs, you can resolve it and avoid the chances of the occurrence in the future.



How do you align the  Epson printer with the printhead?


The problem is not always with the printer, there are chances that you are facing the issue because of the wrong Epson print head alignment. Here are the steps you can follow to fix it.

  1. In your printer, load a plain A4 size sheet for the Windows computer.
  2. Access the printer software.
  3. Go to the ” Maintenance”  section.
  4. Click on the ” print head alignment”  button.
  5. Proceed with onscreen instructions and aligning the printhead correctly for your Epson printing device.


For Mac ( 8.6 to 9.x)  user

  1. Load the sheet in the sheet feeder.
  2. Open the ” the dialog” box.
  3. Hit the ” utility”  button.
  4. For your Epson print head alignment, click the ” alignment” button.

 Proceed with the onscreen instructions to set the alignment.


For Mac Os (X) user 

  1. Load is an A4 size sheet in the printer sheet feeder.
  2. Choose the ” Epson printer utility”.
  3. For this, you need to choose your printer and click on “printer list window”.
  4. Click on the ” print head alignment” button.
  5. Proceed with the on-screen guidelines and resolve the Epson print head alignment not working problem on your device.



Epson Printer Alignment Not Working Error and  Troubleshooting Solutions


Epson printer alignment not working is a complicated printer problem that compromises the working of your device. If you are also experiencing the same trouble, you can check for the common issues caused by the printer alignment along with the troubleshooting solutions.


Problem with Horizontal banding

 Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Choose the Epson print head alignment utility.
  2. Place the A4 size sheet in the print feeder.
  3. Clean the blocked ink nozzles by running ” head clean utility”  in Epson.
  4. Restore the customized settings.  Set the settings for text and images.
  5. You can also go for the ” automatic settings” option which you can find under the print dialog box’s Mode tab.
  6. Monitor the ink out indicator’s light status. If the lights are flashing, you need to replace the ink cartridge.
  7. Never choose to minimize margins or maximize the setting for the print area.
  8. Your media type must have compatibility with the media of your printer.


Problem with vertical banding or vertical misalignment

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Place the A4 size sheet in the printer sheet feeder.
  2. Now, you need to choose ” print head alignment utility”.
  3. When you see the ” high speed” checkbox, put a check on disabling it.
  4. Clear the ink nozzles with a click on the “head cleaning utility” option.
  5. Set media type according to your printer media.


Missing or Incorrect color setting

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. If you see that there are incorrect or missing colors then you need to change the printer software ink settings and set it to the ” color”.
  2. Set the color settings for the app.
  3. Use the ” head clean utility ” option to disable the incorrect colors.
  4. Make sure that your ink cartridge is working fine and under the warranty.


Problems with blurry printouts

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check the printer drivers, they must be up to date. You can visit the  Epson official website, and get the latest version of printer drivers in software available for your device.
  2. Always use the paper recommended by the manufacturer, and make sure that you place it on the flat surface.
  3. You can run ” print head utility”  or ” head cleaning utility” to ensure its better performance.

Not aligning the printer before you take printouts is like going for an interview without brushing your skills. Everything may seem right, but somehow how it will be  Messy and unprepared while printing the documents, the Epson printer head alignment helps you to make sure that all your text and images are properly aligned for the perfect printing outcomes. But if there is any trouble with your printing alignment, you need to fix it right away to continue with a smooth printing experience. The above post is highlighting all the important points you need to consider to fix the “Epson print alignment not  working” problem. So follow them and troubleshoot your concern.


Still, printer alignment not working? It’s time to call the experts!


In case the above-mentioned steps fail to resolve your problem, you can seek professional help from the Epson printer support team where the experts are available around the clock to help. The team includes highly qualified and experienced engineers to remotely help the people in fixing their printer concerns. So, call the experts today and find the most reliable solution to fix your Epson print head alignment issues.


We hope you have a happy printing experience with Epson!

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