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Epson Printer Paper jam

Try These 7 Ways To Resolve Epson Printer Paper Jam Problem

While working with an Epson printer, it is inevitable to encounter paper jam errors on your device. Paper jam is a common printer issue and can occur on any device at any time. Fortunately, with the help of prompt troubleshooting instructions, it is easy to fix the Epson printer paper jam problem on the device.

In this guide, we are going to share simple troubleshooting steps to fix the paper jam problem. So, if you are unable to print the documents due to a paper jam or misfeed, keep reading to find the simple steps and fix the issue.


My Epson Printer Keeps Saying Paper Jam &  How to fix it?

Paper jams in Printers are a common phenomenon, but not at the cost of delaying printing tasks. Initially, resolving the problem will restore things to normal. 


1. Check For the Visible Error on the Control Panel 

Before doing anything, check for the visible error on the control panel of your device and remove the jammed paper from the Epson printer. After removing the paper, you can proceed and correct the error. If the paper jam problem is in the rear printer feed, remove it.
However, if the paper jam problem is inside the printer, put efforts into fixing the issue. 

It is always recommended to make sure that you don’t touch the buttons on your control panel while removing the paper from inside the printer. If your printer starts to operate, it can cause injury. So stay careful and don’t touch any part while removing the paper jam from the inside.

  • Locate and remove the paper stuck in the print tray
  • If your Epson printer is not working because  there is paper stuck in the loading tray, to follow the below-mentioned steps to remove the paper:
  • From the printer loading tray, remove the loose paper.
  • Hit the “Resume” button, You can find this button, on the front of your device.

If there are multiple papers stuck in the tray, remove them one at a time. Start from the middle. After that, check for the remaining bits of paper inside your device. This way, you can fix the Epson printer paper jam error on your computer. If your problem is not resolved yet, proceed to the next troubleshooting step. 


2. Clear Paper Jam from Printer Rear

If you are unable to fix the paper jam error from the loading tray, you can proceed with the below-mentioned instructions to fix it from the printer rear. Usually, the printer’s backside has either a rear access panel or a two-sided printing accessory.


3. Remove a Rear Access Panel

  • For this, find the “knob or access” tab and check the backside of your device or the panel. If you find the knob, set it to the “unlocked” position.
  • Carefully remove the panel and pull out the jammed papers.
  • If you find any small bits of paper remaining, clear them also.
  • Replace and secure the rear panel.


4. Remove the Two-Sided Printing Accessory  to Fix the Paper Jam Problem

  • Click on both “releases” buttons. The buttons are present on either end of the module. Press the buttons together at the same time.
  • Remove the panel to remove the jammed paper.
  • Find the small bits of paper and remove them if there are any.
  • Push back the module and set it to the right place.
  • Click on the button present on the top of the module,  and then “open the door”. 
  • Remove the panel and look for the jammed paper. If you find any, remove it.
  • Once you are done, close the rear module door.


5. Make Sure the Printer Carriage is Moving Freely

To fix the Epson printer paper jam problem, disconnect it from the electric outlet.

  • Watch the printer carriage and see if it is moving perfectly fine. In case the carriage is stuck, do not move it forcefully, it may damage your device.
  • Remove the ink cartridge carefully.
  • If there is any paper in the loading trade, remove it without removing the door.
  • Now,  remove the read access door or module. 
  • Rotate the roller to the printer top using your fingers.
  • Replace the printer’s rear access door or module. 
  • Replace the printer ink cartridge.
  • Plug back the device into the power outlet.


6. Reload and Test the Printer

Once you have successfully removed the jammed paper from your device, check the printer carriage, and also clear the remaining bits, Now test your device. Here is how you can do it.

Put some printing paper in the loading tray. Make sure that you placed correctly.

After that, print a test page. Usually, print the test page by pressing and holding the ”resume” button, unless your device starts sprinting. So, these are some simple steps that can help you fix the Epson printer paper jam problem on your device. Here, we would like to tell you that the steps may vary depending on the printer model or version you are using. So, it is recommended that you go to the printer manufacturer’s website for printer-specific details. Once your problem is resolved, continue printing the documents without trouble.


7. Continuity Problems? It Might Be a Hardware Issue

If your printer still has paper jam issue after following the steps above, we suggest you check for a hardware issue. Malfunctioning of paper-feed or printer roller could be the reason you are having a paper jam problem. So, if your device is having trouble, get it repaired.

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Final Words

Epson printers are always adored when it comes to delivering outstanding printing performance. Although, just like with any other device, technical problems with Epson can happen at any time. If you are facing a paper jam problem with the printer and are unable to fix it following the steps above, we suggest you contact Epson support for help. The professionals are available round the clock, so you can contact them in case of need.

The experts can help you with the best possible solution to fix the Epson printer paper jam problem. And, will also share some useful tips to make your printing experience better.

So, contact the experts and find an instant solution to the problem!

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