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How To Print On Cardstock Paper From Epson Printer?

Printing tasks using an Epson printer can be done on different types of paper. Among the various papers, cardstock is one of the more common types. However, many people find it difficult to make their printer print on this type of paper. You might ask how to print on cardstock Epson when your printer isn’t able to give quality output.

The cardstock printer paper is very thick and durable. It can be coated or uncoated as per the needs of different projects. If you’ve been struggling to make your printer print on this thick paper, this guide will help you.

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How to Print Cardstock on Epson Printer?

This process begins by loading the paper and following steps specific to your operating system.

These steps begin by first learning the instructions for loading the cardstock paper.

1. Points to Note for Loading Cardstock Paper

You need to use A3+-sized thick paper. The paper should have a 1.3 mm thickness. It is crucial to load the paper correctly. Otherwise, you risk damaging your printer.

Don’t insert the paper into the device and power it off. This damages the printer. Keep these points in mind before loading the paper.

  • Remove the roll paper holder when printing.
  • If you don’t remove the holder, the paper will eject, leading to a paper jam.
  • Ensure that there is adequate space at the printer’s rear so that the thick paper ejects fully.
  • Don’t insert the paper while the printer is printing a document.
  • Only insert the paper when the printer is turned on.
  • If you insert thick paper while the printer is turned off, the automatic print position adjustment won’t take place.

2. Load the Cardstock Paper

Follow these points while loading cardstock paper on your Epson printer.

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Ensure that the Power light isn’t flashing.
  • Open the printer’s front cover and output tray.
  • Slide the edge guide of the printer to the left.
  • Load the paper in a manner that its printable side faces up.

Note – Only print a single sheet of thick paper for a single print command.

  • Slide the paper onto your printing machine. Its back edge should be at level with the alignment arrows on the manual feed slot at the front.
  • Now, slide the printer’s edge guide against the thick paper’s left edge.

3. Configure the Printer Settings

Many people have limited experience printing thick papers. You may not be able to print on a cardstock Epson printer if the printer settings do not align with the paper type. Following are the instructions for Windows and Mac users.

For The Windows

  1. Open the document to print.
  2. Now, head to ‘Printer Settings.’
  3. Hit the ‘Main’ tab.
  4. Now, choose the suitable Media Type settings.
  5. Cardstock that falls between 68 lbs or 256 grams per meter square should have the paper type or media type setting as cardstock.
  6. Choose your preferred items for ‘Print Quality’, ‘Color’, and ‘Mode.’
  7. Now, choose ‘Manual – Front’ as the source setting.
  8. Note that borderless printing is not available for this setting.
  9. Make the suitable ‘Size’ setting.
  10. Now, hit the ‘Page Layout’ tab.
  11. Here, choose ‘Portrait’ or ‘Landscape.’
  12. The former means tall while the latter means wide.
  13. Make other modifications and start printing.

For The Mac

  1. Launch the document to print.
  2. Go to the ‘Print Dialog’ box.
  3. Extend this dialog box and then choose your Epson printer in the ‘Printer Settings.’
  4. Choose the suitable ‘Paper Size’ setting.
  5. It should have ‘Manual – Front’ in parentheses.
  6. Now, choose ‘Print Settings’ from the menu.
  7. Choose suitable settings, such as media type and color.
  8. For cardstock papers that are up to 68 lbs or 256 grams per meter square, the paper type or media type setting will be cardstock.
  9. Now, begin printing.

4. Paper Weight Specifications for Epson Printer

People who generally need to print on cards or heavyweight matte paper face issues as they don’t know the correct specifications. Here are the paper handling specifications for the Auto Sheet Feeder.

  • Use the plain paper specification if its weight is  64 to 90 grams per meter square.
  • If you use genuine Epson media, the maximum weight shouldn’t go beyond 300 grams per meter square.
  • Epson does not recommend the usage of third-party or non-Epson media.

You may experience paper feed issues while trying to print on non-Epson media with a weight over 90 grams per meter square. If this happens, change to Epson equivalent media. Apart from a stable color consistency, genuine Epson media guarantees lightfastness and superior print quality.


What to Do When Ink Smears When Printing on Cardstock

Many users report ink smearing when they print on thick paper. To fix this issue, choose the ‘Thick Paper’ setting. It will enhance the print quality. However, printing will be slower when this setting is turned on.

  • Hit the ‘Home’ button and choose ‘Setup.’
  • Select ‘Printer setup.’
  • On the following screen with some options, choose ‘Thick Paper.’
  • Now select ‘On.’
  • Exit the screen by hitting the ‘Home’ button.


Troubleshoot Epson Won’t Print on Cardstock Paper

Epson printer users sometimes find their paper feed tray not grabbing the thick paper. If they lightly put pressure on the cardstock to go into the paper feeder, it makes the sheet pass without any printing.

This issue basically arises because of the cardstock’s weight. Your printer can only deal with a certain amount of paper weight. Head to the official support page for Epson to find out the maximum weight your printer can handle.

If the weight of your paper falls within the range, cleaning the pickup rollers can fix the problem. But if this doesn’t help, adjust the printer settings.

Cardstock is thicker than the usual printing paper. So, configure your printer for a heavier paper type. Also, adjust the paper feed settings. Examine the firmware and driver settings to ensure that they are configured to handle cardstock.


Final Words

Hopefully, you are now fully aware of how to print on cardstock Epson. Use the instructions in this article to configure the printer settings correctly on your device. The cardstock paper has a weight of up to 256 grams per square meter. If you need more assistance, connect with a printer expert.

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