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Epson printer paper feed problems

Epson Printer Paper Feed Problems – What Can I Do

In the past time doing paperwork was a little difficult and time-consuming. This also troubles people while doing urgent tasks. Hence, the advancement in technology has minimized such problems. Methods of doing work have evolved and electronic gadgets have successfully managed to save people’s time.

However, there is no doubt that the invention of printers gave a power kick to paperwork, and completing tasks is no more a challenge. Yet, some problems may raise like- Epson printer paper feed problems, while using Epson Printer. Paper feed problems are common that can make your work delay.

But don’t worry today’s advanced printers are not that difficult to handle. Here in this blog, you will find a few amazing hacks to solve the Epson printer won’t feed paper problems. Epson is one of the most popular brands globally.

The printer company is famous for manufacturing advanced printers for users who are looking for something best. When it comes to printing high-quality printouts, Epson has no match. At Epson, you will find a different variety of printers, and you will surely find your true match.

However, being the best, still, sometimes Epson printers may fail to perform. It has a user-friendly feature, but sometimes it can raise paper feed and jam issues as well. Hence to solve such issues you will find solutions here.


Facing Epson Printer Paper Feed Problems? Fix at home

When using Epson printers, at times users most commonly face paper feed issues when doing printing jobs. If you want to fix the issue, you can easily do it at home rather than looking for an expert. Maybe you are not a printer expert or don’t have any technical knowledge, but still, you can do it at home.

Here a question must be raised in your head- How to fix the Epson printer paper jam issue? Well, here we are providing an expert guide step-by-step.

Resolve the issue by following the below simple steps:

  1. Unplug your printer and wait until it completely off
  2. Now restart your Epson printer
  3. If the paper is jammed inside your printer remember to not pull it in the opposite direction
  4. Make sure that no loose paper is stuck in the paper tray
  5. Ensure that your printer is completely off and disconnected from power sully
  6. Now take your paper roller and use a cotton cloth to clean it properly
  7. Carefully take out the jammed paper in between the rollers
  8. Try to move the printer head toward the left side
  9. Restart your printer
  10. Next, run a test paper to check whether the issue occurs again or not
  11. If the printer performs tasks smoothly, it means that you are all set to get printouts.


Advance Ways Resolve Your Epson Printer Won’t Feed Paper Issue?

If the paper won’t feed issue is continuously coming then you can opt for a reliable printer repair service. Taking help from experts can solve the problem. Taking attempts, again and again, to resolve the problem at home again can be risky. Experts can solve the issue in minutes because they know about it. Thus, below we have mentioned an easy guide to solve the feed paper problem.

  • First, you need to make sure that the paper edge (that goes inside) is not folded. If it is the issue, the printer might fail to load paper. As the printer tends to load even papers. A little cramp in it can make your Epson printer Not working.
  • Printer rollers never accept papers with curls in them. They become unable to grab them, so before you start printing always check the papers first. Your printing papers should not have any curl on the edge otherwise you may encounter Epson printer paper feed problems. 
  • Don’t throw away the paper having little curl and folded edge, because you can use a deroller. With the help of a deroller, you remove the curls or turn the page and try printing using another side.
  • Sometimes when people put a whole pack or lots of sheets at a time, papers get stuck to each other. While printing maybe the front paper might not reach the roller and because of this printer denying it from printing.

Clean Your Printer To Rectify The Issue

  • Machines also fail to work properly because of the dust. If you don’t clean your printer regularly then dust starts forming layers on it. Though, don’t let it happen, and keep your Epson printer clean. Dust can reduce the grip of the rollers due to this roller won’t catch papers. While cleaning remembers to clean it always using dry cotton cloth. And nerve cleans your printer with a wet cloth.
  • If your printing paper has any black spots on it, sometimes the printer won’t read it. Hence, it is highly essential that you put only white plain paper.
  • The automatic slot for feeding papers in the printer doesn’t accept papers that are smaller than 4X6 inches. While aligning the paper in the slot keep the paper sheets straight so that it can drop into the desired place correctly.

Most people generally miss the above-mentioned points while using the Epson printer. As a result, Epson printer paper feed problems arise. Therefore, by following the above steps you can solve the issue. And if still, the Epson paper feed issue comes up, you can immediately contact experts. When you have tried everything and nothing is working, then read further to rectify the issue.

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Tried Everything? Still Facing Issues Then Call Experts

The above guideline is mentioned to solve your Epson printer paper feed problems and to optimize your printing experience. But if nothing works for you and problems continue to come then try connecting with experts. Technicians are well-skilled and have experience in solving such issues. No matter in which part of the city or town you live, when you contact experts they will help you out.

They have years of experience in this particular field and knowledge about several other issues. Hence, with Epson printer connoisseurs you will get accurate solutions.

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