Epson Printer Won’t Recognize The Ink Cartridge, What To Do?

One common issue with the Epson printer is Epson Printer Won’t Recognize The Ink Cartridge. The issue can be caused due to various reasons like if your cartridge is running out of ink, the cartridges are not installed properly, or an issue with printer drivers.

No matter what is causing the Epson printer won’t recognize the ink cartridge issue on your printer, the result is going to be the same i.e. your printer won’t print. In order to bring your Epson printer back in working condition, you need to find out the exact cause behind the issue and then work on its fix. In case you are not able to find the reason behind the error, you will have to try more than a couple of troubleshooting methods to fix your printer.


How To Fix Epson Printer Won’t Recognize The Ink Cartridge Issue?

To fix your Epson printer won’t recognize the ink cartridge issue, you need to find out the cause behind it first. If you already know the problem you can work on it right away. But if you don’t you will have to follow all the troubleshooting steps one by one until you find the one responsible for the Epson Printer Won’t Recognize The Ink Cartridge problem.

You can also face this issue on other printers. Most of the troubleshooting steps will remain the same so you can refer to this blog for Printer won’t recognize the ink cartridge issue in other printers. Now let’s start with the solution.


Step 1: Try These Quick Checks

Before getting started with the troubleshooting, you should check these things that could be the reason for the Epson printer won’t recognize the ink cartridge issue. You might think they don’t matter, but you have no idea how much they can affect your printer.

  1. Have you checked if there’s enough ink in the cartridges? If not, do so right away. If you are using the cartridge for a while now, they must have run out of ink.
  2. Are you sure the cartridges you are using are correct? Also, make sure you only use branded cartridges as local cartridges damage your printer internally.
  3. Make sure you have installed the cartridges in the correct slot. If you’ll set the black cartridge in the color slot, the printer will show the Epson printer won’t recognize the ink cartridge

Even if you are sure that the things mentioned above are not the issue with your printer, we suggest you check again. Most printer issues are caused due to silly mistakes like this.


Step 2: Find Out The Faulty Cartridge

Skip this step, if your Epson printer is only reporting the Epson Printer Won’t Recognize The Ink Cartridge error with one cartridge.

If you’ve recently replaced more than one cartridge and encountered the Epson printer won’t recognize the cartridge problem with all of them, the chances are the issue is only with a single cartridge. To find that out, follow the step below:

  1. Remove the new cartridges you installed recently and replace them with the old cartridges, even if they are empty.
  2. Restart your Epson printer. When you’ll open the printer, you will see the not recognized error is replaced by an empty cartridge error.
  3. Now, remove one of the empty cartridges and install the new one.
  4. Install all the cartridges just like this one by one and keep checking if the issue occurs again. For example, if you get the error after installing the new black color cartridge, it means the issue is with the black cartridge.

Step 3: Clean The Contact Chip On Each Of The Cartridges

The contact chip is the copper banding on the cartridge. It is the main component of the cartridge that communicates with the printer. Clean them up using a gentle cloth or pencil eraser to ensure they are dust-free. Once you have cleaned the contact chip, install the cartridge in the printer again and restart your machine.


Step 4: Hard Reset Your Printer

If after following the above solution, you are still encountering the error, you should do a hard reset. It is not as troubling as it sounds, you just need to turn off your printer and leave it like that for a minute. After a minute, turn on your printer again and the error should be gone by now.


Step 5: Get In Touch With The Supplier

If the Epson printer won’t recognize the ink cartridge issue persists, even after trying all of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, the problem must be with the cartridge itself. In this case, you should get in touch with your supplier and get the cartridge replaced.

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Final Words

Contact Epson Support, if your Epson printer won’t print cartridge issue is not persistent. Our printer experts will help you find the root cause of your printer problem and fix it remotely right away.

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