How To Fix Epson Printer Offline Issue?

Epson Printer Offline Issue

Epson Printer Offline issue is generally misunderstood as a problem with your printer, instead, this generally occurs due to outdated printer driver, communication error with your network, or sometimes due to the dynamic IP address of your printer.

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Epson Printer Offline Issue

If you are facing a sudden Epson Printer Offline problem then it could be a software bug that doesn’t go with your system configuration or if you’re using wireless printing then maybe the Wi-Fi network is not that strong. Epson Printer can go offline while using your printer, and this blog post will find help in troubleshooting the error on your own.

Why Epson Printer Offline error?

  • The primary cause could be a loose connection with your network.
  • Printer Driver Software issue or you might be using an outdated one.
  • The IP address on the printer keeps changing (dynamic IP Address).
  • The configuration error on your computer.
  • For Wireless Printers: Probably an unstable network causing your printer to go offline frequently.

Quick Steps to Resolve Offline errors

If you are facing offline error in Printer with your windows then we have got some quick fixes to solve this issue. This 4 step solution will start with some primary basis checks and then it will go on further.

Step 1. Check Network Connection

For your Epson Printer Offline, before jumping to any other troubleshooting process you should check the network connection with your printer and computer. If you are using the wired network then sometimes the cables may get loose and that results in your printer getting off-line. To solve this issue disconnect the cable and reconnect again.

While using wireless networks you should always ensure that your printer, Wi-Fi router, computer be kept in the closed distance, and no obstructions in between. If your printer is still Offline then connect your printer again to the network using your WiFi password and you should always use the local network. This step is always overlooked due to the desperation and temptation to solve the Offline error.

If the Epson Printer Offline issue doesn’t solve then continue with step 2.

Step 2. Disable Printer Offline Feature

  1. At first, you need to press “Windows and R” keys together on your keyboard.
  2. Now Run dialogue box will open, type “Control” and click “Ok”.
  3. Further on Control Panel screen click “devices and printers”.
  4. Now from the list of devices right-click on your printer name and select see “What’s Printing” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Now on the top left corner click printer and ensure no ✔mark in front of “use printer offline”.
  6. Select “Set as Default Printer” on your Epson model.
  7. Print a test page, if you are able to do it, which shows your Printer is back online.

If the Epson Printer Offline issue still persists then check the next step.

Step 3. Epson Printer Driver Update

  1. On your computer screen click “start” and go to “settings”.
  2. Now click devices and open “printers and scanners”.
  3. Right-click on the name of your “Epson printer” and select “remove device”.
  4. Further now ensure your computer is connected to the internet and go to the Epson website, download and install the latest driver software for your Epson model.
  5. Save the changes by restarting your computer. This will solve the Epson Printer Offlineissue else move to step 4.

Step 4. Reinstall Epson Printer

  1. Open the Run dialogue box by pressing “Windows and R” keys together.
  2. In dialogue box type devmgmt.MSc and click “Ok”.
  3. From the list click and expand the “printers” tab and right-click the name of your Epson model and click “Uninstall”.
  4. Wait for some time for the process to get complete.
  5. Thereafter again open the Run dialogue box and type “control” and click “Ok”.
  6. Now in the control panel select “devices and printers” and then right-click on the blank space and click “Add a printer”.
  7. To sort Epson Printer Offlineproblem if you are a Windows 7 user then – click “add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”. Else for windows 10 move to next point 8.
  8. Further on your screen click “the printer that I want isn’t listed” at the bottom.
  9. Now “Add a printer using TCP/IP address”. And click “Next” to proceed.
  10. Now enter the “IP address” and “Port name” on separate boxes.
  11. Restart the computer to reboot and to save the changes.

Other troubleshooting method or Epson Printer Offline

You should use a static IP address on your printer to avoid sudden printer outage resulting in Epson Printer Offline and for that, you need to set the IP address specification option to manual. Follow the steps given below as per your system operating system.

The first step is to download and install the EpsonNet Config Utility in your computer system(both Windows and Mac OS). The utility software can be downloaded from the download tab in your system.

For Windows

  1. Now type “EpsonNet Config” in the search bar of your computer and press “Enter”.
  2. Click and open the EpsonNet Config utility software.
  3. Further, click your printer name and click “Configuration”.
  4. The “Network Interface Properties” windows will open, click “Basic” under TCP/IP category.
  5. Thereafter select “Manual” under “Method for specifying IP address”.
  6. Finally fill the details “IP Address”, “Subnet Mask” and “Default Gateway” and click “Send”.

The above steps will solve the Epson Printer offline problem in windows, and Mac users follow the next section.

For Mac OS

  1. Ensure you have downloaded EpsonNet Configuration utility software.
  2. Now you need to click on “Applications” under “Hard Drive” in Mac.
  3. Further, you will have to open the “EpsonNet”.
  4. Now you can click on your “Printer name” and select “Configuration”.
  5. The new tab “Device Properties” will open, now on the left section select “Basic” under “TCP/IP”.
  6. Now ensure that the option “Manual” is selected under “Method fo specifying IP address”.
  7. Finally, you need to fill all the required details “IP Address”, “Subnet Mask” and “Default Gateway” under the desired fields.

Hopefully, now your Epson Printer Problem is solved. You should always address the basic probability it is first and the major one, later on, that’s why to check the network connection is step #1. This is one of the major problems in the Epson printer offline and if you have checked your network then set the printer online manually. If nothing works well then to update your printer driver is the last option, the reason behind this is the outdated software you are using or any bugs in the printer driver.