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How to Connect Epson Printer to Mac

How to Connect Epson Printer to Mac

Are you looking for a guide to help you with how to connect Epson printer to Mac? You have come to the right place. Go through the manual, and you will learn to connect the printer to Mac. 

The Epson printer features both wired and wireless connections. A wired connection is comparatively easier than a wireless connection. Thus, many Epson printer users search for a simplified guide that helps them connect Epson printer to Mac.


Key Points to Remember Before Connect Epson Printer to Mac

These are the crucial points that you should remember before you connect Epson printer to Mac. Following these points will help you process smoothly. 

These are: 

  • Turn On the Printer: Before starting the process, make sure you have turned on the printer. 
  • Network Connection: Next, make sure you have a strong internet connection. Besides, if you are using a router or modem, ensure no metal or wooden object is placed between the Mac and the printer. 
  • You can download the Epson printer setup utility from its official website. Later, install it on Mac. 
  • Ensure that the printer software version is compatible with your operating system.
  •  While installing the software, choose the correct printer model number, or you will encounter an error. 
  • Ensure you have registered the Epson printer on Epson connect mac setup. 
  • If you are using the Epson printer for the first time, do not forget to create a new account. 


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Steps to Connect Epson Printer to Mac

To take a printout from your Mac, first, learn how to connect Epson printer to Mac. Following the steps, you can set up the connection.

However, before that, you need to download the Epson setup utility & Drivers to set up the Epson printer on your Mac. 


What is Epson Printer Setup Utility?

It is a tool that allows you to print emails, documents, or images on your printer through any computer. Hence, you can use any device such as a phone, computer, or tablet to print from anywhere. 


Let’s see how to connect Mac to Epson printer:

  • Visit Epson printer’s official website.
  • Download the Epson printer setup utility file
  • Then go to the download section of your system and double click on the setup utility file.
  • Select continue to install the setup. 
  • Now to agree with the software license agreement, tap on the check box “i accept” and then click on the button “proceed.”
  • Next, tap on the install button and close the window.   
  • Now, locate your printer. Select it and click the Next button. 
  • Then, open the Finder window (usually opens automatically).
  • After that, select the option Program & Epson apps. 
  • Moving forward, double-click on the option Epson Connect Printer Setup.
  • Select the option Printer Registration and then click Next
  • Lastly, select the “I accept the terms and conditions” option. 
    • Create an account: if you don’t have an existing account, create a new profile. 
    • Log in to your existing account: log in using correct credentials (username/id or password) if you have an existing account.

Following the steps, you can connect the printer to Mac. However, if you are curious to know how to connect an Epson printer to mac without USB and via a wireless connection. There is an alternative explained in the next section. 


How to Connect An Epson Printer to A Mac Using WPS

If you don’t know, WPS is an abbreviation of wifi Protected Setup. It features connectivity of the router with any device. So, if you are looking for how to connect my Epson printer to my Mac, here are the instructions: 

  • Press the WPS button of your router. It may be located to the back, or bottom side of the router labeled WPS.
  • Then, use the arrow button on your printer to search for the wifi setup. 
  • Here, as you see the WPS button (Push Button Setup), select it. 
  • Wait until the Epson printer connects with your wifi router automatically. 


If you see a green light on the wifi router, great! The connection has been set up successfully. Although if it fails, you can try using the WPS pin, an alternative to a WPS connection. 


Use WPS Pin to Connect Epson Printer to Mac


If you can’t find the WPS Push button setup or are unable to connect, try this method. Use WPS pin same as the password for any network connection. First, learn to find the WPS pin and remember it disappears in seconds. Thus, note it down somewhere. 


  • Head to the control panel on your printer and press the wireless button. 
  • Go to the Settings
  • Select wifi Protected setup, and a prompt will appear on the screen. 
  • The prompt will provide you with the PIN; tap on it. 
  • Note down this WPS PIN before it disappears. 


Steps for How to Connect Mac to Epson Printer using WPS Pin

  • Press the WPS button placed on the back or bottom of your router. 
  • Then, move to the printer and select the arrow button to search for the Wi-Fi setup.
    • This time it’s not the Push Button but the Pin Code Setup in the menu. 
  • Select Ok and enter the WPS Pin code.
  • Select Ok and follow the on-screen instruction to finish the setup.


Try to print a job and see if your printer is working. 

Wind Up

We hope the guide on how to connect Epson printer to Mac has helped you set up the connection. If the standard method does not help or you want to learn an alternative, try the WPS method. It remains the same for many printers. Besides, the WPS Pin method is also very popular. You can use any method mentioned above.  However, if you face any difficulty or need suggestions, feel free to connect with our printer expert available 24×7 across the globe.  

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