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Clean Epson Print head Manually

3 Simple Ways To Clean Epson Printhead Manually

Epson printers offer flawless print performance. However, you may find various printing problems due to issues with the machine’s printhead. If you find the printouts unsatisfactory, the cause almost always lies in a clogged or blocked printhead. Therefore, learning how to clean Epson printhead manually is important. It not only helps you enhance the quality of your printouts but also increases the lifespan of your Epson printer. Moreover, manual printhead cleaning also helps you save many costly repairs down the line. In this post, you’ll find out the entire process of performing a manual cleaning of your Epson printhead. Use it whenever you face print quality issues.

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Steps to Clean Epson Print head Manually

Don’t feel intimidated by the task of manually cleaning the Epson printhead. Just follow the instructions of the methods here to get rid of clogged ink.

1. Clean Epson Printhead with Distilled Water and Syringe

In this method, you first turn your Epson printer off and then take out the ink head cartridge. This will unveil ink ports. Now, follow this process and learn how to clean the Epson printhead.

Do Remember: Prepare the area where you will be carrying out this process by placing blotting paper inside the machine. It’ll prevent the area from turning into a mess.

  • Take a plastic syringe and fill it with printhead cleaner.
  • Now, pump the cleaning solution via the ink port.
  • You can use distilled water if there’s no commercial cleaner available.
  • Follow this process again for every color cartridge.
  • Now, wipe the printhead using soft tissue paper.
  • Only after wiping it should you replace the ink cartridge.
  • Clean the printhead nozzles using the cleaning solution. Use the syringe and a lint-free cloth to target the dried ink in the nozzles.
  • If this doesn’t cleans the nozzles adequately, soak the printhead.
  • Mix some distilled water with the cleaning solution and warm it up for a few seconds.
  • Do not make the solution boiling hot.
  • Place the printhead in this mix and let it be epson.com there for five to ten minutes.
  • After this time, take out the printhead from the container.
  • Use the cloth and syringe to target other areas where you think there may be dry ink.
  • Ensure that the printer accepts the cartridge.
  • Now you can give a test print command and check if the text and images in the output are correct.

2. Use Paper Towels to Clean the Printhead Assembly

You can also clean the printhead assembly using a paper towel and some tape. Begin by accessing the rubber roller in your Epson printer. Now, follow this procedure to find out how to manually clean Epson printhead using paper towels.

  • Insert a wide paper towel onto a printer’s rubber roller with tape.
  • Now put some print cleaner solution on the central part of the towel.
  • If you don’t have a print-cleaning solution, use distilled water.
  • Gently move the printhead assembly over the clean paper towel.
  • Do so for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • This procedure smoothens out the accumulated hardened ink. This ink is responsible for clogging your printhead and causing unsatisfactory print results.
  • Use this process again.
  • Every time, take a fresh damp towel to perform the cleaning.
  • Keep doing it till every color appears from the ink port.
  • Usually, you need to repeat the process at least four times.
  • Once you feel there is no hardened ink, power on your printer.
  • Give a test print to ensure that the ink port is clean.

3. Use a Printhead Cleaning Kit to Flush the Dried Ink From the Printhead

Does your Epson printer have a fixed printhead? If so, you may need more help with getting rid of the dried ink. Here’s how to clean Epson printhead manually with a printhead cleaning kit.

Ensure to purchase a printhead cleaning kit with the necessary materials for the procedure.

  • Turn on your Epson printer.
  • Now print a page.
  • While the page is printing, unplug your printer so that the printheads are in the correct position.
  • Take out the ink cartridges.
  • Secure them in a cling wrap. It will prevent them from drying up.
  • After that, take a half paper towel. Fold it till it becomes one-half inch wide.
  • Put it below the printheads.
  • The printheads should be in the middle part of your printer.
  • Fill the syringe with the cleaning solution from the kit.
  • Now connect a rubber tube to the syringe’s tip.
  • Connect the rubber tube’s other side to one printhead port.
  • The number of ports in your printer depends on how many cartridges it uses.
  • Now squeeze out the cleaning solution via the ink port.
  • Flush the ink out from every ink cartridge port.
  • When this process ends, reinstall the ink cartridges.
  • Turn on your printer and print various test pages.

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Why Should You Clean Epson Printhead Regularly

You must clean the Epson printhead manually if you don’t want to get incomplete, faint, or streaked printouts. A little printhead cleaning goes a long way in preventing ink from clogging. Some of the prominent reasons that make the printhead clogged and for which you must clean them include:

  • Occasional usage of the ink cartridge – Run a nozzle check every two weeks and use the printer actively to prevent ink from getting dried.
  • Low ink in the cartridges – A low ink warning demands you to change the ink cartridge. Otherwise, the ink residue will clog, leading to print output issues.
  • Priming or ink ‘purging’ – Ink clogs during the priming process, which occurs while replacing a cartridge. As your printer ejects ink through the nozzles, it may sometimes push out excessive ink that spreads across the printhead. As this ink dries, it clogs the printhead.
  • Low-quality cartridges – If you don’t use original Epson cartridges, you may face issues with print outputs. Although low-quality cartridges are cheap, they are not good for the long run.

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Summing Up

Printer problems are common. All of them negatively impact the print output. However, by knowing how to clean Epson printhead manually you can better take care of your device. Follow the instructions carefully to get your printer up and running again. Connect with a printer support expert if you are unable to perform the procedure by yourself.

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