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Epson printer won’t turn on

What Causes the Error Epson Printer Won’t Turn On? How to Fix it?

Your boss must have given you a new task to complete. You get right to work with zeal. However, your Epson printer won’t turn on. You keep all of the materials on hand in case you need to explain the project, and you try again. You’ll need printouts of your project plan so that everyone can see it. You turn on the printer and load the pages into the tray.

When you give the printer the print command, though, you’ll be astonished to observe an Epson printer generating blank pages. You’re taken aback and wonder, “Why won’t my Epson printer turn on?” You’re undecided on what to do next. Don’t get too worked up about it; this is a regular printer issue. We’ve outlined a few options for resolving the problem. 



Technical Hurdles you may Experience when ‘Epson Printer Won’t Turn On’ 

With your Epson printer, you may run into a variety of problems. Here are some of the concerns and their descriptions: – 

  • The Epson printer will turn on when switched on. 
  • The printer is clogged with paper. 
  • The incorrect I/F card was installed. 
  • The maintenance tank’s connection is incorrectly installed. 
  • The front cover of the book is open. 
  • You release the printing lever during the printing process.
  • To clean the head, the loading paper is too thick. 
  • Colors tend to dry out quickly. 
  • The waste ink tank is overflowing with waste ink. 
  • There aren’t enough papers, which causes the printing to stop. 



Techniques to Fix Epson Printer Won’t Turn On error 

These are some of the most effective methods for resolving the problem of an Epson printer that keeps going off or ‘printer won’t turn on Epson’. As a result, follow the instructions below: 


Method 1

Insert the Epson power cord into the power outlet. Then push the main power button. Wait patiently till the power indicator signal blinks or flashes. If the power button does not illuminate, press it again. Keep in mind that certain Epson printers take a long time to switch on. So be patient enough to wait for the device to boot up. Also, remember not to press the power button for too long. 


Method 2

Unplug the Epson printer’s power source from the power outlet. Keep in mind that you’ll be removing the power module as well as the power cord. Check to see if there is any sign of damage to the printer now. The printer should be exchanged if it’s damaged but it’s still covered by the warranty. Also, you must separate the power module from the printer before connecting the power cord to the power outlet.


Method 3

Double-check that the power cable is firmly connected to the power module. Connect the power cable to another power outlet if necessary to confirm the power cable is in good working order. 


Method 4

You need to load the printer with the papers if it doesn’t already have any. If there is any more leftover printout or paper, discard it. If the problem occurs while a print job is in progress, click the Pause button for at least 2 – 4 seconds to reboot the printer. 


Method 5

Make sure the printer driver’s paper supplier settings match those in the Control Panel. Also, see if there is any clogged paper. If they’re present, they’ll be removed. 


Method 6

Ascertain that the paper lever is in the locked position. Begin printing now from the start to get the finest results. If there is a print problem due to a paper jam, make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. If your Epson printer still won’t switch on after cleaning, try a different approach. 


Method 7

It’s important to remember to shut the front cover because it can cause a variety of problems. Also, make absolutely sure the paper roll is carefully cut before removing the sliced paper out from the printer. Examine the handling of the paper to see if there are any flaws. 

For further information or details on Epson printer won’t turn on or damaged part, contact Epson printer support. 




Finally, if you get the problem ‘Epson printer won’t switch on’, don’t panic. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to address the problem on your own. Attempt to restart the computer first, then print the documents. You must have resolved the printer issue. If you have not fixed the problem, you’ll need to consider additional solutions.

Checking for driver issues or faulty cartridge installation are the other options. Check to see if the ink cartridges are dry or if the nozzles are clogged. You can reach out to us if you require additional assistance in resolving the problem. We have professionals equipped with the technical knowledge of the Epson printer to resolve your queries.

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