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Epson 000031 Error Code

5 Best Solutions To Fix Epson Printer 000031 Error Code

Epson printers are widely used in businesses, educational institutions, and homes. However, the devices can still encounter technical glitches, making it tough for users to do printing optimally. The Epson Printer 000031 error is a problem that occurs when there’s a problem with the printer’s scanner area. If this component gets jammed, users encounter this specific error code. To continue printing, you need to know the right fixes for it. In this article, you’ll read about the corrective troubleshooting to fix this error code.


Solutions for Epson Printer 000031 Error Code

Here are some simple and advanced resolutions to use.

1. Fix the Paper Jam

Fix your paper jam, Use this technique if this error occurs while using your Epson machine.

  • Cancel current printing tasks.
  • Now open the printer’s front cover.
  • Get rid of all stuck bits and pieces of paper from here.
  • Be careful while removing the paper.
  • Do not damage the printer.
  • After taking out the papers, close the front cover.
  • Restart the Epson printer.

Fix the Paper Jam


2. Reset the Printer

Another good way to fix Epson error 000031 is to reset the printer. Reset it while it is still linked to your PC. There should also be a secure internet connection.

  • Stop your printing task for a moment.
  • Switch off the Epson printer.
  • Let it remain idle for a minute.
  • Switch it on again.
  • Wait till the printing device shows two red lights and flashes the error status.
  • Use a USB cable to link your printer to your computer.
  • Factory reset the printer.
  • Head to the ‘Control Panel’ section.
  • Tap on ‘Printer and Devices.’
  • Find the printer you are using.
  • Right-tap it and select the option to reset it.
  • After that, give a test print command.
  • Hopefully, the error will be resolved.

Reset the Printer


3. Install Ink Cartridges in the Epson Printer

If the ink cartridges are not placed systematically in the printer, you will face Epson printer error code 000031. So, install the cartridges again in the printer to fix this issue. 

  • Power on your printer and remove the old cartridges.
  • Remove every cartridge from left to right. To do so, put your index finger on each edge and pull them till they are released.
  • Now remove the yellow tape from every section, so ink nozzles get exposed.
  • Put every section into the cartridge carriage.
  • Place the section in their suitable slots. Their faces should be up.
  • Push them gently till you hear a click.
  • After inserting them into the cartridge carriage, close the cover and the printer lid.
  • Now, perform a print test to see if your printer is working well.
  • In case the ink comes out smudgy or streaky, go through your printer manual.

Install Ink Cartridges in the Epson Printer


4. Examine Your Internet Connection

When the Epson printer isn’t connected properly to the Wi-Fi, it can result in an Epson printer error code 000031. You must ensure that your printer is linked to a strong internet. Some tips to help you boost your internet connectivity are as follows.

  • Disconnect every other gadget linked with the router connected to your Epson printer.
  • Remove any objects coming between your router and the printer. It will ensure better internet stability.
  • If you cannot link the router to the printer, double-check the password you are using.
  • If you use a LAN wire, inspect it properly. There shouldn’t be any damage to the wire, and it should be linked tightly to both ends.
  • Finally, connect with your Wi-Fi provider if you still face internet issues.

Examine Your Internet Connection


5. Update the Printer and Driver

Updating printers and drivers ensures that you don’t face any software-related errors. So, if Epson error 000031 is still bothering you, update your printer and re-install the driver.

  • First, uninstall the printer by going to ‘Utilities.’
  • After that, re-install it.
  • Also, download the latest drivers from the official Epson website.

Update the Printer and Driver


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Fix Epson 000031 Error Easily!

These fixes will prevent this error from interrupting your daily printing sessions. The solutions are tried and tested to resolve the error. Still, if none of them works, you may need to troubleshoot a deeper problem. In that case, connect with a printer technical support expert.

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