Epson Printer Not Printing Black

Find Relevant Fixes Epson Printer Not Printing Black Issues

One thing that is common with computer peripherals is that when they work it works but when they don’t then it gets you a jittery feeling. At times, It is indeed, a painful feeling when users want to print electronic information on paper but all of a sudden if you have concerns about my Epson printer not printing black, here we are going to find some reasons that are most likely to cause issues and steps associated.

 Like other devices, printers are key considered key functionality in —offices and for personal usage

Now Let’s Know The Possible Reasons 

There can be various reasons responsible for this issue, however, some of the main reasons for this issue as listed below:

  • Possible issues with the Printer head
  • Paper printing is compromised
  • Having issues with driver
  • Improper source data

Here we’ll First Identify the Problem Step-By-Step that’ll Help You Fix the Problem

Let’s go through a Few Troubleshooting Stages

Troubleshooting is a key factor when you want to identify a problem WHY MY EPSON PRINTER IS NOT PRINTING BLACK AND RESOLVE IT. These easy-to-do steps help follow and troubleshoot your printer:

  • First of all, you need to switch off the Epson printer and disconnect the interface cable connecting computer and printer. Also, just unplug the connected USB cables
  • Now you can check the printer’s availability in the printer 
  • Take some dedicated time and reconnect all the interface as well as USB cables and long-press the power button to switch on  your printer
  • Once the printer is ready to go to the printer settings click on the print a test page option if the printer is showing the test printing
  • There you’ll see a dialog box and set the paper size on the dialog box and other recommended settings and hit the print test page button
  • If the issue is still not resolved(the printer is still unable to print black and check)

printer ink levels determine the ink volume in your cartridges else follow the below-listed solutions one by one by resolving the issues

Due to the above-stated causes of errors the printer may not work efficiently. So you can always fix the concerned error to— identify the cause of the error and resolve the issue 

Why is My Epson Printer not Printing Black?


1.  Issues in the ink cartridge

A printer that is not turning black can have some serious issues. Checking the ink available in the cartridges helps. You can have check if the cartridges are not working properly.


For that You can Find the Following Steps:

  • Open up the printer and remove ink cartridges
  • Always look for empty ink cartridges or about to end, fill them or replace them with new ink cartridges
  •  Place the ink cartridges carefully  into their positions and make sure that each cartridge is properly installed in its allocated slot
  • While installing a new cartridge please ensure the tape over the vent is removed properly.
  • Don’t forget to check clogging in between cartridge vents as they are more likely to get cogged by the ink. By simply removing using a pin or another sharp object you can do this
  • If your printer is still not accepting ink cartridges then there might be a possibility that your printer used to work with an old cartridge, so use an alternate ink cartridge and check again. 


2.  Having Issues With The Printer Head

Once you’re through with the ink cartridge issue then the Epson Printer still won’t print black and it is more likely that the print head is clogged and needs cleaning.

So to clean your print head first, you should identify whether the printer head is equipped with an auto-cleaning feature or not. You can identify these steps  and follow this:

  1. If the printer is not equipped with an auto-cleaning feature then remove the print head from the printer and clean it thoroughly
  2. Run the auto-clean feature if the printer head don’t remove and clean manually 

Note:  For optimal results, you can clean the feature two or three times as one-time running does not ensure proper cleaning of the print head


3.  Printer Driver Bad Connection

The proper functioning of your printer also depends on whether your drivers are working. If the Epson printer is not printing black then there is always a possibility that the printer drivers have malfunctioned, not been installed, are outdated, or not functioning well. To check this update/install new printers and follow the following steps :

To correct this, you go to the computer setting and search for the device manager in the search bar. The device manager finds your device name and clicks on it. You can now follow these instructions on the dialog box that appears and hit the “ New button Scan” to search the most recent drivers.

Wait for driver installation/ update to complete. If the driver is successfully installed there is a good chance that the problem is resolved. If the issue remains unresolved then try the rest of the given solutions.


4.  The Flow Of Source Data Is Not Proper

If you are printing a file downloaded from the Internet and from an unknown source, you need to ensure that it is designed for inkjet printing. In case the file is not designed for inkjet printing then you should know who the administer and use any other kind of printer such as a laser printer. You can look for the version of the file that supports inkjet printing.


5.  The Issue Regarding Paper Printing

Alas, if the Epson printer won’t print black, then the issue is still not sorted! In case your issue is beyond the above-listed ones and still unable to print black and printer support both types of black ink cartridges including pigment cartridge and dye-based cartridge, and make proper changes in the paper settings.

Also, the type of paper selected in the paper decides which type of black ink the printer is going to use. It usually consists of two types of paper:

 1)  Matte paper for pigment black printing

 2)  Glossy paper for dye printing

Note: You need to switch between these two paper settings with the aim to achieve better results printer not printing black Epson, and find out a new solution.



After going through easy-to-do troubleshoot techniques and finding simpler solutions you’ll probably see why your Epson printer won’t print black. If you have other issues related to your Epson printer then always follow your blogs for any technical help.

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