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How to Print Without Black Ink Epson

How to Print Without Black Ink Epson on Windows and Mac

Printers play an important role in modern society. Epson printers are widely used for printing at home and at work. When using this printer, you need to change the cartridge when the ink level goes low. Epson printer users are always recommended to employ original cartridges and avoid any risk of damaging their printers. But do you need to print urgently and find that the ink levels are low? In such a case, you must know how to print without black ink Epson. Both Windows and Mac users can make their printers print when they have inadequate levels of ink. In this article, you’ll find the entire process of printing with low ink levels. 


Basic Steps to Print Without Black Ink Epson

There are some basic and easy steps you must know if you want to find out Epson printer how to print without black ink. These steps will help you print any urgent document from your Epson printer when it has low black ink levels. 

  • Firstly, find out if you have any pending print job stuck in queue
  • If there are, cancel all the jobs. You can also stop the whole printing queue.
  • After doing so, head to ‘Printers and Devices’ on your system.
  • From there, select your Epson printer.
  • Now, find the ‘Quality’ tab.
  • Navigate to it and tap on ‘Plain Paper.’
  • This option will be present below the ‘Type Settings’ tab.
  • After clicking on ‘Plain Paper’ examine the ‘Grayscale’ option.
  • Now, choose ‘OK.’
  • After that, navigate to the ‘Monochrome’ setting.
  • From there, choose ‘Run Print.’
  • Now you know how to print any important document easily without black ink.


How to Print Without Black Ink Epson Windows 10

Windows 10 users can make their Epson printer print when it has no black ink by changing its settings. Use these pointers when you want to print. 

  • Start by canceling the printing tasks. You can also completely stop the print queue. 
  • Head to ‘Printers and Devices.’ 
  • Once here, choose your printer. 
  • Go to the ‘Quality’ option. Now, below the ‘Type Setting,’ choose ‘Plain Paper.’
  • In the ‘Print’ option, look for ‘Grayscale.’
  • Tap ‘OK.’
  • It will restrict your printing to monochrome. 
  • You will see the monochrome setting flashing on your screen. It implies that Epson has understood the change and will execute printing tasks accordingly. 
  • Finally, tap ‘Run print.’


Can You Print Without Black Ink Epson on Mac?

Like Windows users, Mac users can also print any urgent document from their Epson printers with low black ink. Use these pointers and start printing.

  • Firstly, cancel all print jobs in your print queue. 
  • Now, head to the Epson printer utility.
  • Launch the dialog box.
  • Go to the driver settings. Here you will find a ‘Permit temporary black printing’ box.
  • Check this box.
  • After that, head to ‘Print Settings.’
  • Now, in order to print with low levels of black ink, tap on ‘Plain Papers.’
  • Next, tap the ‘Grayscale’ option.
  • Hit ‘OK’ afterward.
  • Now, run a print job.

Hopefully, you have now got an answer to your question, can I print without black ink Epson on Mac? Refer to these steps whenever you find yourself wanting to print but don’t have sufficient ink levels. 


What Else to Do When Epson Printer Has Low Black Ink?

You can also bypass the ink cartridge on your Epson printing devices to print with low ink. It is especially helpful for those who don’t possess replacement cartridges. There are several ways to bypass ink cartridges on Epson printer devices. You can pick any of the ones explained below.

Bypass the Cartridge by Closing the Ink Holder

In this method, you bypass your cartridge by opening the lid. When you notice the ink holder of the cartridge moving, you close it without taking out the cartridge.

  • Open the printer cover. 
  • Now, press the ‘Ink’ button.
  • When the ink holder gets to its initial position, open the empty cartridge’s lid.
  • Now, close it without replacing the cartridge.
  • Close the printer cover.
  • Now, try to print.
  • This method of using a printer with low black ink will work for Epson printers without a microchip. It is because the microchip transmits an error message to the printer with the low ink.

Shake the Cartridges

Shaking the cartridges allows you to distribute the ink evenly throughout your printer. Thus, it can help when you want to print without black ink Epson

  • Switch on your printer and open its cover. 
  • Wait till you see the carriage has stopped moving.
  • Now, hit the tabs present at every cartridge’s end to pull them out. 
  • Switch off the printer. 
  • Now, wait for a few minutes till it fully shuts down. 
  • Take away the power cord from the electrical socket. 
  • Let the printer’s memory reset. 
  • At this time, you must wait for a couple of minutes. 
  • Now start shaking the cartridges you’ve removed from the printer. 
  • This action will enable the ink to spread evenly on the cartridge.
  • Now install the cartridges into your Epson printer. 
  • Put the printer power cord in and switch it on. 


Final Words 

It’s important to have a certain level of ink for your Epson printer to run properly. But sometimes, there are situations where you need to know how to print without black ink Epson. By reading this guide, you will know just what to do whenever you are running out of ink but need to carry out printing. If you need more guidance, contact a printer technical support service

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