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Reset Epson Ink Cartridge

Methods to Quickly Reset Ink Cartridge in Epson Printer

Epson ink cartridges usually work well. However, many users have found that it falters when printing multi-color text. They find that although the cartridge still has ink, they do not get anything but just black text. If you don’t know how to Reset Epson Ink Cartridge, you’ll need to buy another one. The problem essentially lies in the memory chip in the ink cartridge. 

An issue with it signals the printer about the empty cartridge, and the printer thus refuses to print. 

If your Epson ink cartridge continuously signals about the ink cartridge being empty, you’ll now need to reset the cartridge. Apart from that, you can also override the Epson ink cartridge your printer isn’t recognizing. Keep reading to know the stepwise instructions for all these processes. 


Why Should You Reset Ink Cartridge?

A refilled ink cartridge means taking a compatible, original cartridge and refilling it manually with ink. After that, you install it on your Epson printer. However, at this point, the tiny chip at the back of the printer still thinks there isn’t any ink, and the printer doesn’t want to print. So, the solution for it is to reset Epson printer cartridge manually. It makes the printer think there is still ink in the cartridge, so you usually find it printing. 

The low ink alert system in the Epson printing product has the potential to produce wrong messages if you do not refill the ink tanks as per the guidelines in the user guide. 


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How to Reset an Epson Printer Ink Cartridge?

There are two ways to reset ink cartridge Epson. You can do it in the following ways:

  • Use the cartridge reset tool (Cartridge chip resetter)
  • Use the SSC service utility for Stylus printers
  • Swap cartridge chips
  • Unplug Epson printer


1.  Reset an Epson Ink Cartridge through the Cartridge Reset Tool

It’s a small plastic tool with pins. All the printer user needs to do is press the pins on the resetter ON to those from the cartridge. You must use only one cartridge chip resetter with a specific printer model. If you use the same resetter on different Epson printer models, you’ll only end up damaging the device. 

Follow these steps to carry out the Epson ink reset. 

  • Take away the cartridge from the printing machine. 
  • Align the print cartridge with the base marks on the resetter tool. 
  • Now, press the reset tool pins for 10 to 15 seconds on the cartridge’s chip contacts. 
  • You’ll notice a blinking red light when the device and the cartridge come in hard contact. 
  • When you notice a blinking green LED light, the reset process will be over. If you cannot see it, keep pressing the tool until the light comes. 


2. Reset Ink Cartridge with SSC Service Utility

The SSC service utility is a freeware solution you can use to work with the chip present in Stylus printer cartridges of Epson. This software supports as many as 100 printer models but doesn’t work with newer cartridges. 

Using it, you can replace the cartridge in real-time and reset Epson chips and the internal ink counters. 

It also allows you to reset the protection counter and hot-swap printer cartridges of the models it supports. The SSC Service utility enables you to carry separate cleaning of blackheads and color for Epson Inkjet printers. You can download the utility from here.


3. Reset the Cartridge by Swapping Cartridge Chips

You should use this solution only if you cannot follow the first two. For swapping cartridge chips, you require a pair of full cartridges and a pair of empty ones. Then you refill the empty cartridges and remove the chips from those full. 

You then place these chips into the refilled cartridges. 

Essentially, it is a kind of ‘cheat’ that makes your Epson printer believe that your refilled cartridges are new ones.

Unplug Epson Printer

A classic way to reset ink cartridge on Epson is by unplugging the printer. It also fixes many cartridge issues. Follow these points to unplug your Epson printer model.

  • Firstly, unplug your printer.
  • Now through your computer, process a print task before you switch on your printer.
  • Now plug in the printer model.
  • These steps override the cartridge set configuration and printing of the document.


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Where is the Reset Button in Epson Cartridge?

It’s easy to find the cartridge reset button. Many Epson cartridges like Epson 78 have a reset button for ink refilling purposes. 

  • Turn the cartridge to where you can find the microchip. 
  • Now, use the end of a paperclip and press the reset button present above the metal contacts in the center. 


How to Reset an Epson Ink Cartridge – An Alternative Approach

If you are busy and don’t have the time to refill and reset their printer cartridges manually, you can buy non-OEM refills. Non-OEM stands for Not Original Equipment from the manufacturer. These refillable cartridges are not as costly as the original ones. They have a chip on them, so your Epson printer can read them. 

You will find automatic reset chips on these cartridges. They support various refills before another cartridge needs to be bought by the user. The process of refilling and resetting them differs from one manufacturer to the other. Generally, the cartridges will come with a manual that tells you how to refill and reset them correctly. 


Things to Try When Epson Printer Doesn’t Recognize the Cartridge

Many people find that their Epson printer doesn’t recognize refillable cartridges, so they cannot print. It is also the case with non-OEM cartridges. Some possible causes for this problem include the following:

  • You have installed your cartridge without turning on the power. So, your printer doesn’t know that you’ve changed the cartridge.
  • Your printer has not erased the prior error code.

Some things you can try to fix this problem include:

  • Installing non-OEM cartridges earlier on before they become empty.
  • Putting OEM cartridges back and changing them using the on-screen prompt.
  • Removing every cartridge and letting your Epson printer run without any cartridge. This will show a no cartridge installed error and erase the ink cartridge empty error. Change the cartridges after your printer settles down.


Final Thoughts

Evidently, it is not a difficult task to reset ink cartridge in an Epson printer. You can use the cartridge reset tool or the SSC service utility for Stylus printers. You can also swap cartridge chips and unplug the Epson printer. If you need more help resetting ink cartridges, feel free to speak to Epson printer technical support experts.

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