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WPS Pin Epson Printer

Ten Easy-going Ways to Connect to a Network with WPS Pin Epson Printer

In the printer world, Epson Printer is one of the highly popular and used printers which is based in Japan. This printer has a wide-ranging of authentic customers. Starting from a primary-class student, a promising businessperson to a recognized business setup, you may perhaps discover the Epson Printer model rendering its excellent quality print job services with superior precision as well as accuracy.

Furthermore, the WPS Pin Epson Printer model is absolutely cost-conscious and extremely competent to add high quality to your work. But there is one major issue mainly users confront which is where to find the WPS pin on the Epson printer. If you are one of those who are facing this issue, then don’t worry. In this blog post, we will share what is WPS Pin, where you can find a WPS pin, how to easily connect to a network, and others.

So, without wasting much time let’s get started!


What is WPS Pin Epson Printer?

WPS is an abbreviation for Wifi Protected Setup. The pin is a protected and top-secret ciphertext generated at the router end. This procedure will allow the printer to become Connected with Wireless Devices on a similar channel with it. This amazing configuration technique will assist you with the fast installation of the setup for your Epson Printer WPS Pin. When a connectivity problem happens then printer Connection with WPS mode is undisputedly Considered to be the fastest and highly safe method of Connecting the Printer on a Wireless Network.


How Can Easily Find WPS Pin on Epson Printer?

When you cannot easily find WPS Pin on Epson Printer, the Epson link printer setup functionality specialists recommend so many methods to troubleshoot the hardware issue. Irrespective of this error, tech specialists firmly suggest this model because of its abundant functionality features.

How to Connect a WPS Pin Epson Printer to Network

Here’s a step-by-step guide to smoothly find the WPS pin on the Epson printer:

Step 1: First, set the connection mode and turn on your Epson printer to AP mode.

Step 2:   Next, you need to open the input tray.

Step 3:  Now, to turn the printer on, smoothly press and politely hold the attach tab, after that press and hold the power tab.

Step 4:  At this stage, hold the Connect tab down before the Status and Error lights consecutively flash. For two to three minutes, the scanner moves into standby mode for a WPS connection.

Step 5:  Afterward, you should submit the PIN code 01234565 on the wireless router or access point in 2-3 minutes.

Step 6:  Here, your printer’s status light will continue to highlight, signaling that it is connected to the network.

Step 7:  Now, switch your Epson printer off immediately.

Step 8:  After that, set the printer connection mode turn to WiFi.

Step 9:  Switch on your printer. Your printer’s Status light stays light, signaling that it is linked to the network.

Step 10:  To end, set up network scanning on your system, and you must be capable to locate the WPS pin on the Epson printer.


Simple Steps for Using Epson WPS Pin to Link to a Network

  • First of all, set the printer link mode to turn to WiFi.
  • Next, switch your printer on by launching the input tray.
  • Now, when the Status and! Error lights consecutively blink, simply press, and smoothly hold the Connect tab on the scanner for at least 3-5 seconds, then free it.
  • For the next roughly two to three minutes, the printer will be in standby form for a WPS connection.
  • At this point, hit on the WPS tab on your router or access point. After that, the scanner’s Status light continues to light, demonstrating that it is linked to the network.
  • Lastly, on your smart device, simply set up network scanning.


WPS Pin Epson Printer: Basic Steps to Connect with WiFi Router

  • Firstly, if your Epson printer has a settings list of options, select ‘Network Connection’ or ‘Network Settings.’
  • Next, choose ‘Wireless Setup Assistant’ or ‘Network Setup’ quickly from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, submit your key after selecting a name for your WiFi network (SSID). Always remember that both must be on the back of your modem or on the card or booklet that arrived with your internet connection start-up kit.


The Final Words

Hopefully, the above-listed simple steps will help you to easily connect to a network with Epson WPS PIN Mode. But, in case you are not able to find or connect and still facing an issue of where can I find the WPS pin on my Epson printer, then please contact the Epson Printer support team immediately.

Good luck!

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