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Epson Double Sided Scanning

Perform the Epson Double Sided Scanning Efficiently

Epson printers are widely purchased by customers because of the high-quality printing performance they offer. Besides printing, you can also scan and fax conveniently with them. But for many people, the process of Epson Double Sided Scanning is still a bewildering task.

There are options in the printer’s driver settings that you can use for scanning. Through the in-built duplexer, you can carry out scanning of both sides of a document. But if the kind of paper you are using is not compatible with the automatic duplexer, you can print it manually. In this article, you’ll find the precise process of doing so.



The Process of Conducting Epson Double Sided Scanning

Let’s suppose you have Epson wf-3720 with you. You can easily conduct double-sided scanning using this printer model by making use of the built-in duplexer. For it, you need to load the document in the automatic document feeder.

Only after that you can scan, copy, and fax double-sided pages. Many users desire to print on both sides of their document. For it, you can do the following.

  • Load your plain paper and then select the two-sided printing option.
  • If you desire to scan a double-sided page in the automatic document feeder, then press the button ‘Scan.’ After that, select the scanning method.
  • If you have selected the option of ‘Scan to PC’, hit the button of ‘Menu.’ Then select ‘Scan Settings.’
  • Next, choose ‘Two-sided settings.’
  • Are you using the Epson Scan Software? If so, then select the ‘ADF-Double-Sided’ as the Document Source.



How to Carry out Epson Double Sided Scanning Through a Simplex Scanner?

There are three methods for epson printer scanning a double-sided document. The first is through a flatbed option. The second is through a sheetfed option, and the last is through an overhead option. A sheetfed scanner can be duplex or simplex. Here, you will find the steps for scanning through a simplex scanner.

Scanning both sides of a document with this scanner is a bit time-consuming. But it surely is possible. Read on to know how to accomplish Epson double-sided scanning through it.

  • Put your documents in the scanner and let them process.
  • The document images will get captured by the scanner.
  • If there are double-sided pages, you can save them in a folder on your device.
  • Reverse your document for scanning the other side and let the printer commence the scanning procedure.
  • Save your document in a PDF format upon the completion of the scanning procedure.
  • Now, use the PDF interleave option for document rearrangement.
  • The pages will get arranged, and every side will get scanned.



What’s the Process of Scanning the Two Sides of a Document Through a Duplex Scanner?

You can also scan each side of a document through a duplex scanner. It is a very simple and convenient way because it captures every side of the sheet in a single pass. To know how to use the Epson double sided scanning printer for this process, follow these steps.

  • Put the document in the feeder.
  • Navigate to the manufacturer’s manual and read through your scanner’s configuration settings. Then, select the two-sided scanning option.
  • Now, the scanner will employ two lenses for reading every side of the document at the same time.



Can You Fax a Double-Sided Document on Your Epson Printing Device?

You can definitely fax a double-sided document on your Epson printing device. Do you desire fax of a double-sided page in the automatic document feeder of the Epson printing machine? If so, then hit the button of ‘Fax.’ After that, press the ‘Menu’ button. Next, choose either one of the ‘2-Sided Scanning settings.’ It will be present below the ‘Fax Send Settings’ of your printing device.

If you use an Epson WorkForce 645 Series, you can easily access the various options explained above. Users only need to press the ‘2-Sided’ button for accessing the double-sided copy, scan or fax settings. In case of any problem during this process, contact the Epson printer support.



The Process of Double-Sided Printing in a Mac Device

You can easily print on both two sides of a document when you select the ‘Two-sided Printing Settings’ from the popup menu. The menu will appear on the print window. Note that some options can be pre-selected or be unavailable based on the settings you have selected. They can also be unavailable if you are getting access to the product over a specific network. The screen may also be different according to your macOS version. Do the following for double-sided printing.

  • Choose one of the two options for ‘Two-sided Printing.’
  • Choose the document type you’re printing as the ‘Document Type setting.’
  • The software will configure the adjustment options for that specific document type automatically.
  • You can also customize the adjustment settings according to the instructions that appear on your screen.
  • Next, print a test copy of the double-sided document so that you can test the chosen settings.
  • Adhere to any instructions that might get displayed on your screen while printing.



What to Do When the Option of Two-Sided Printing Settings is Not Available in Windows and Mac?

In such a case, ensure that you are using paper size and type that is fully compatible with the functionality of automatic double-sided printing. This feature is available only if you select plain paper and with particular paper sizes. These include

  • Letter – 8.5 X 11 inches
  • A4 – 8.3 X 11.7 inches



Final Words

Now you must be quite familiar with the process of conducting Epson double-sided scanning. You can perform double-sided scanning using Epson through its built-in duplexer or simplex scanner.

In case of any trouble during this entire process, you can confidently get in touch with the Epson printer support. With their assistance, you’ll surely be able to troubleshoot any problem you face in this task.

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