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connect Epson printer to phone

What are the steps to connect an Epson printer to a phone?

Epson designs highly reliable and multifunction printers. Most of the Epson printer models come with wireless connectivity that allows users to print documents wirelessly using any device with a Wi-Fi printing feature.

connect Epson printer to phone

It is easy for the user to connect their Epson printer to the device using Wi-Fi and without cable. If your smartphone supports the wireless feature, you can ‘connect Epson printer to phone’ and enjoy using the Epson printing services. Both Android and IOS devices come with the mobile printing feature.

This means a user does not need to have any third-party device to print the documents from their phone. If you also want to ‘connect Epson printer to phone’ for printing the documents, keep reading the post and proceed with the simple guidelines. Once you have successfully established the connection, you can easily take the printout of pictures, documents from your smartphone device.


How to connect an Epson printer to a phone?

Today, most smartphone devices come with inbuilt printing software. This inbuilt software helps the user to connect their printer to the smartphone. However, if your smartphone device does not have the software, you can simply download the Google Cloud Print application on your device for printing the documents.

Below, you can find the simple instructions that will let you know how to connect a phone to Epson printer. Once you have connected your printer to your smartphone, you can take the printout from Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

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How to connect an Epson printer to an android phone?

Printing from your smartphone device is a simple and fast process. Proceed with the steps below for the ‘Epson printer connect to phone’. Once the device is connected, you can print multiple documents within a second.


Prepare your Epson printer

  • The first thing you need to do is unbox your printer and carefully remove all the stickers and tapes.
  • Place your printer in an appropriate location.
  • Connect your printer to the power cable.
  • Select the language on the display.
  • Install the print cartridges.
  • Your device will now initialize. Print the test page.


Connect Epson printer to a wireless network

If you want to connect  Epson printer to phone, you need to connect Epson printer to Wi-Fi network first. For this you can simply tap on the Wi-Fi icon, select Wi-Fi and go to the wireless settings. Select the wifi network to connect Enter the password to get connected.


Download the application

Although you do not need any drivers or operating system to connect Epson printer to phone. You can simply download the print application by visiting the supported application store on your device. After you download the app, open it. Make sure that you have connected your phone to the same Wi-Fi network to which your Epson printer is connected. Else, you cannot print the documents.


Connect the printer

Agree on the terms and conditions. Now you can see the brief instructions about how to use the application. After reading the instructions, you will be directed to the home screen. Here you can see the ‘ printer not selected’ option. Select the option, and choose the printer that you would like to connect. You can even connect the smartphone using a printed display.


Know about the application

Once you successfully connect Epson printer to phone, you can see the device status on it. Here you can check up on the details like maintenance cassette, remaining ink, etc. Also,  the application will let you print and scan the documents. Using the Epson printer and your smartphone, you can scan the pictures, documents here. You can also directly take a printout from the cloud or social media applications.


Print and scan the files and photos

It is easy to print and scan the files and photos from your Epson printer. From the home screen, you can simply select the option ‘print document’ or ‘print picture’. You can select the file and make the adjustments in the settings on the next page. You can see the printed outcomes in the output drawer.

To scan the document, you can simply go to the scan. All you need is to place the document on the glass and click on the scan button. The document will be saved on your phone, and you can share it at the email address of your choice.

We hope that with the help of the above-mentioned guidelines you would be able to connect the Epson printer to your phone without trouble. Once you have connected your Epson printer to your phone, you can start printing the documents right away. Just make sure that you have connected both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.


The Final Words

The mentioned guidelines are easy to follow, and let you establish a successful connection without trouble. But if you are still having issues connecting your Epson printer to your phone, you can contact the Epson printer support team, and get a piece of expert advice from highly experienced technicians. You can contact the team at any time of the day, the professionals are available around the clock to help.

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