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Here Are Tips To Solve Epson Printer Offline Mac Error

You can find many printer brands present in the market providing a variety of printing services. However, the most trusted printer brand is Epson. Epson printer is known for printing quality documents and sharing incredible User experience. Many of us use Epson printer in our day-to-day life for Printing multiple documents. Sometimes, we also experience problems that might appear and stop us from printing.

One such problem is when Epson printer offline Mac error status pops up on your Mac while you’re trying to print out something important.

Quiet Frustrating right!

Epson printer offline error suggests that the OS is unable to communicate with the printer. During such situations, it becomes difficult to handle the situation, after all, time is precious.

Epson printer offline problems on Mac occur due to some reasons. Here are those reasons: 

  1. The problem in Communication.
  2. Something is wrong with the Epson printer driver.
  3. The printer might be in Stand-by mode.
  4. Mac gave Command to the wrong printer.
  5. The printer got restricted by the Mac firewall due to security reasons.

So here are some techniques that will help you to resolve the Epson printer offline problem on Mac.


Steps To Fix Epson Printer Offline Mac Error


Remove Extra Printer from your MAC

Most of the time the common reason behind the “printer offline” problem is the installation of the same printer multiple times. So it is necessary that you should remove all Epson Printer properties from your Mac. Once you do it, try adding your printer.

Remove Extra Printer from your MAC

So, how do you do it? Follow these steps, so you can remove the extra printer from your Mac:

  1. First, browse “Apple Menu”. Where you can find the “System Preferences” option.
  2. Once you choose “System Preferences”, A new window will open where you find multiple options. Among them Opt “Printer and Scanner” option.
  3. Once you choose “Printer and Scanner”, a new window appears where you can find a list of all printers connected with your Mac.
  4. From here, you can delete similar printers or extra added printers. To do this all you need to do is, click on the printer from the list then select the ”-” symbol available at the down left corner in the Printer and Scanner
  5. After this, your extra printer from the list will be removed.
  6. Now set your printer as a default printer.
  7. Now do the final step, restart your Epson printer.

Once you try these steps, your Epson printer offline Mac error will be resolved. If not, proceed with the next steps.


Restart your printer, once you cancel print requests.

Restart your printer, once you cancel print requests

  • To cancel print request double tap on the printer icon accessible down at the taskbar.
  • There you can find a print request, you can cancel those print requests by using the “X” icon accessible close to it.
  • Once done then restart the printer and your Mac.
  • Then, try to perform the print task. It might work.


Reinstall Epson driver for your MacBook

Just like Win OS, a macOS likewise requires drivers to work with compatible hardware. So if you haven’t introduced the right driver for your Epson printer, then your Mac won’t respond with your printer and as a result, the printer offline error will occur.

To fix this concern, you can search or download the most recent Epson driver into your Mac. This will resolve the printer compatibility problem. And to make sure that you download the right driver, you can get it from the official website of the Epson printer.


Make Sure Your Printer Must be Active.

Prior to printing anything from your Epson printer, you should ensure that your printer isn’t in inactive or in standby mode. Typically, when the printer is in inactive mode, you will get the yellow or amber light on the printer.

If your printer shows such light then you need to press the power button present on your printer. This will change your printer from inactive to active mode. When your printer gets active, it’ll change the power light color on your printer to either blue or green(depending on the printer model you have).



Troubleshoot USB Connection

Before reaching any conclusion you must try to do some manual troubleshooting. This means “try to reconnect the USB connection from your Mac and from the printer.

Troubleshoot USB Connection

After this, try to reconnect your Epson printer with wifi. Try this method, when you experience an offline Epson printer error on your Mac. In some cases, normal troubleshooting will help you to resolve this problem. And still, if errors appear you can contact support. They will guide you in the right way.


Normal Reset Sometimes Work

  • Make sure, your Epson printer remains inactive before you move further.
  • Once your printer goes offline, detach your printer’s power cord. Separate something similar from the electrical plug. Then, you have to wait for at least 1 min.
  • Now, plug the printer cord back. If it doesn’t switch on, turn it on by pressing the power button.
  • When the printer turns on try taking the printout. Sometimes, a small disconnection might cause such problems.

So here we are at the last of the blog, we try to cover issues that might cause “printer offline error.” Also, we have additionally defined the solution regarding these issues in MAC.

You can dial the Epson printer support number if these solutions won’t work. Explain your problem to the Epson support executive, rest they will guide you.

If you are not comfortable making a call, you can also connect to the printer professionals through live chat support or email. Choose any communication medium as per your comfort and preference. Experts are always available to help you.

Contact the printer professionals now so you no longer have to stress over your “Epson printer offline Mac” problem.

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